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“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their growth.” John Whitmore

Do You Need a Coach?

What got you to this page is likely an inner feeling that something in your life needs to change.  Possibly a friend, co-worker or family member has recommended coaching.  No matter WHO or HOW you got here, I am glad you are here.  What is important is the WHY you are here.  Why to people get a coach?  Many questions can be answered in the F.A.Q.s, but let’s unpack a few reasons WHY you may need a coach.

Do you feel stuck, lost, or struggle with self-doubt?

Do you lack vision or have a vision but no clear plan?

Do you want to or need to change your career?

Do you need to improve your health?

Do you lack follow through or tend to procrastinate?

Do you struggle with stress or your self-confidence need a boost?

Do you want to start a business or grow one?

Do you want or need to grow as a leader?

Clearly there are a number of ways a coach can help.  The real question is how can coaching help YOU?  We make it very simple, we offer a FREE 15 minute coaching session to see if coaching is a right for you.  Click the link for the FREE 15 Minute Session above to take your first step.

Lead The Way Coach Business & Executive Services

Lead The Way Coach specifically coaches micro and small businesses.  They are the ones that seem to need it the most.  Often it can feel like you are barely hanging on.  We are here .

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In life, sometimes you just “don’t know what you don’t know” and having Lead The Way Coach give you some “know how” can make a profound, life-changing difference.

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Mentoring is like fire.  Some people have let life dim their flame.  Lead The Way Coach mentors will lite a fire under you and help hold you accountable.

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Lead The Way Coach Personal Services

Lead The Way Coach helps navigate the waters of life. At times, life can be like on calm waters , others  like rapids AND sometimes it feels like going over a waterfall. We can help.

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This is the core passion of Lead The Way Coach.  We have partnered with Navigator Church Ministries to bring the very best in  Christian Life & Leadership Coaching.

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Lead The Way Coach


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Coaching is a process that turns your dreams into practical personal realities. Coaching is about helping you solve your own problems, not telling you what to do. Our process of coaching is simple but highly effective.

Coaches are trained professionals that walk with you to pursue important goals, keeping you focused, reducing energy spent, making it possible to tackle bigger changes at a faster pace than you can on your own.  Simply put, coaches are “change experts” who help you take responsibility for your lives and act to maximize your own potential.

A coach pushes you to think, to stretch yourself, to take responsibility for your life and get done what you know you need to do.  A coach is also someone who will hold you accountable, challenge you to live out your values or occasionally give you a swift kick in the pants when you need it. A coach believes in you even when you start to doubt.

  • Coaching – according to the International Coach Federation coaching is defined as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.” The coach is the subject matter expert at coaching, not necessarily the subject matter expert of the client’s coaching topic.
  • Counseling – according to the CoActive Coaching, the boundary between coaching and counseling is not defined by a set of absolute rules or terms. In general, counselors are trained to diagnose and help client with emotional problems, the past or dysfunction while coaches are not. The coach’s domain is future oriented – what does the client want? And then coaching the client to get there.
  • Mentoring– a mentor is a wise and trusted guide and advisor. The mentor is the teacher that shares their experience while bringing the “mentee” up the ranks. A coach is not necessarily the subject matter expert in order to help develop the client.
  • Consulting – a consultant is an expert who is called on for professional or technical advice or opinions. They are relied on to understand the problem and present solutions. Consulting is unlike coaching because with pure coaching, the answers come from the client.

Accelerates the pace and depth of learning, clarifies strategic journeys, moves from dialogue to action, identifies obstacles to growth, helps with transitioning in areas of life/work, moves from frustration to fulfillment, enables more achievement in less time with greater, satisfaction, helps to reach full potential, stimulates vision, builds teams, creates community and relationships, facilitates improvement, reframes work descriptions, provides support for life transitions, creates accountability, develops partnerships, & discover and maximize strengths

You feel stuck, you feel lost, you doubt yourself, you don’t have vision, you have a vision – but no clear plan, you want to change your profession, you need to improve your health, you tend to forget things, you don’t always follow through, you’re a procrastinator, you don’t have a lot of time to waste, you wish you had more time, you need to make more money, you are susceptible to stress, & your self-confidence could use a boost, you feel overwhelmed, you want to start a business, you want to grow a business, you need to grow as a leader…These are but a few.  If you are wondering “Do I need a coach?”…chances are YOU DO!

Very simple, go to our Contact page.  Feel free to call 503-803-8873, Monday through Friday 10AM to 4PM, Pacific Standard Time OR fill out the form 24/7.  We will get back in touch with in within 24-48 working hours.

We will start off with a complementary 15-minute coaching call to see if working together makes sense.  If we decide it is a good fit, we will email you a questionnaire, coaching agreement and a personality profile test.  Once we receive those completed, we will schedule our 1st coaching session.  The initial coaching session is 1-2 hours.  Additional coaching sessions average 30 minutes to 1.0 hour.

What is said here stays here, except where specific permission has been granted, any notes taken are kept private, the fact of a coaching relationship is confidential, coaching confidentiality is limited to terms of law, records (name and hours only) shared with International Coaching Federation (ICF) for accreditation purposes only.

Ready FOR a Change?

It’s All About Transformation! Coaching is extremely effective at transforming, because your coach is always working with you at the point where you are most teachable: the place where you want to change.  You don’t have to do it alone.  We are here for you and will help lead the way. Ready for a change?  We are ready for you.