Burnout Cure: Perspective, Leisure & Rest

Burnout – Being Overwhelmed

By now, you realize that you are busy. Too busy. So busy you’re ready to call it quits. The good news is that you aren’t quite ready to hang it up. That’s why you clicked on this article. You’re here because you want to find a way to beat the burnout and keep whatever train you’re on rolling.

“But the leader who tries to do it all is headed for burnout, and in a powerful hurry.”

Bill OwensFormer Governor of Colorado

A New – Fresh Perspective

The first thing you need to do is shift your perspective. It will do you no good if I just give another checklist of stuff to do, another checklist you feel obligated to meet every day. If that’s all that happens here, then I have made your problem worse, not better.

So what is this shift in perspective I’m talking about? Simply this – you do not need to be productive every second of the day. Even if you are incredibly busy and driven, you simply have to stop and relax. Sounds simple, right? You might even be rolling your eyes thinking you know this already. Try it though. Step away from the computer and try not to think about your job, your housework, or you passion project for fifteen minutes. Heck, try it for five. Not so easy is it?

Yet, even though it might be hard to think about anything else, you find it hard to stay motivated. You’re just working through the grind. This is a sure sign you need that time off.

The Importance Of Leisure

Leisure is important, some have even called it the basis of culture. Taking time away from productive activity will give both your mind and your body time to relax. Constant use, especially doing the same things over and over is what leads to burnout and will kill the very thing you used to love doing. Leisure lets your mind and body repair themselves, making them ready for when it’s time to put the nose back to the grindstone.

But what should that leisure look like? That’s largely up to you. Find something that is different than what you are doing all the time. For example, if you are a professional photographer, that would be a lousy thing to do with your leisure time. Some form of exercise would likely be better. If your job and your side activities involve the computer, pick up a book. If you are constantly on the go and come home every day physically spent, sit out on the back porch with a drink and contemplate the hard questions in life. This doesn’t just relax you, it ultimately makes you a more rounded and complete person.

How you do leisure is largely up to you. But it is necessary to do it. Without it, you just feel burned out, you’ll be done, wondering what happened to your dream. So, step away from the computer, pick up a book, go for a walk, or get out in nature.

“Burnout occurs when your body and mind can no longer keep up with the tasks you demand of them. Don’t try to force yourself to do the impossible. Delegate time for important tasks, but always be sure to leave time for relaxation and reflection.”

Del SuggsTruly Leading: Lessons in Leadership

Rest Is Critical

While leisure is very helpful, the need for rest is critical. What’s the difference? Leisure usually includes doing something. Rest is unplugging from the distractions of the world, unwinding, and decompressing. Rest is a recuperative process, more akin to the simplicity of being.

Give it a shot. You’ll be surprised at the results.

We Can Help

If you are experiencing “burnout” or feeling “overwhelmed”, get a hold of someone that can help (family, friend, co-worker, pastor, or coach).  Coaching is EXCELLENT at helping people navigate through burnout. We would be honored to assist.  Feel free to contact us.

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