Lead The Way Coach Personal Services

Lead The Way Coach helps navigate the waters of life. At times, life can be like on calm waters , others  like rapids AND sometimes it feels like going over a waterfall. We can help.

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This is the core passion of Lead The Way Coach.  We have partnered with Navigator Church Ministries to bring the very best in  Christian Life & Leadership Coaching.

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Lead The Way Coach


Lead The Way Coach documents, links and other resources.

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Lead The Way Coach Business & Executive Services

Lead The Way Coach specifically coaches micro and small businesses.  They are the ones that seem to need it the most.  Often it can feel like you are barely hanging on.  We are here .

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In life, sometimes you just “don’t know what you don’t know” and having Lead The Way Coach give you some “know how” can make a profound, life-changing difference.

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Mentoring is like fire.  Some people have let life dim their flame.  Lead The Way Coach mentors will lite a fire under you and help hold you accountable.

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Ready FOR a Change?

It’s All About Transformation! Coaching is extremely effective at transforming, because your coach is always working with you at the point where you are most teachable: the place where you want to change.  You don’t have to do it alone.  We are here for you and will help lead the way. Ready for a change?  We are ready for you.