The Power of “No” Brings Balance To Your Life

Bring Balance To Your Life

Balance is hard to find these days. There are constant demands on our time, whether from work, family, or friends. On top of those, there is constant pressure to “do more”, “do something”, “save this thing or that thing”. It can be maddening if you let it get to you.

What Comes First

So how do we navigate all the demands and maintain our sanity? The first thing to do is to remember what comes first. Before work and all the other things is family. Your spouse and your kids have to come before work. Of course, sometimes that means taking that extra day of work when you’d rather be home; because after all, the family needs food on the table. Still, if work is putting too much on you, putting family first will likely mean finding a different job, or at least saying ‘no’ wherever possible.

The art of leadership is saying no, not saying yes. It is very easy to say yes.

Tony BlairFormer British Prime Minister

Learn To Say “No”

That last part is what I really want to focus on here. Saying ‘no’ is almost a lost art. We are too eager to please everyone or get ahead that extra little bit so we say ‘yes’ even when we are already overloaded. This is especially true if you are inclined to volunteer outside of work and home. As soon as people hear that you are eager to help, they tend to pounce and before you know it, you’ll be full of requests for things that ‘only take one night a month’. Take it from me, there is nothing that simple. There is always more to it.

Stop, Breathe, Release

An acquaintance wrote a book a few years ago, Release, in which she put forward the idea that we should from time to time take a year off. Strip away everything that is unnecessary. If it requires you to leave the house and it isn’t work or some other necessary obligation, turn it down. Take some time and pursue a hobby just for fun. Or enjoy your family for the year. And at the end of that year, the last thing to do would be to dive right back into everything that was keeping you overwhelmed before. Ease back in, taking one thing at a time and stop before you get right back to being frazzled and losing sleep.

Half of the troubles of this life can be traced back to saying yes too quickly and not saying no soon enough.

Josh Billings (pen name)American humorist Henry Wheeler Shaw

Wrapping It Up

The rest will give you some perspective and help you recall the things that are really important in life. It will also relax you and make you more pleasant to be around, more able to respond to your family and more energized at work. Simply learning to say ‘no’ again will be the best thing you’ve done in years.

Your Thoughts & Successes?

Thank you very much for reading this post.  We realize the their will be more ways than what we have listed to help bring balance.  I look forward to hearing some of your success stories.

  • How do you bring balance in a crazy world?
  • Encouraging words to others?

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